Optimal Cabinet Fan Configurations and Positioning



The ideal ventilation fan system should have an intake and exhaust system either through the use of fans or ventilation holes. In order to achieve the ideal set up, one fan should be located on top to exhaust the air while the other is located near the bottom to push/intake air.

Since electronics like AVs and gaming consoles causes air to heat up, the hot air caused by these electronics will rise to the top due to natural convection; therefore, an efficient fan system will help accelerate natural convection by quickly pushing hot air out through the top while pushing cold air from the bottom. 

If the fan system only contains one fan, it should be placed on top to exhaust hot air out of the cabinet. A ventilation hole should be located on the bottom to let cold air in. Since air moves naturally from high to low pressure areas, using fans that pushes air out will cause the cabinet to experience low pressure. Poorly designed ventilation systems include setups where one or more fan exhausts the hot air but there are no ventilation or fans to intake the cold air.